Welcome to Tobbit Publishing

Established in 2007 by artist and author Tim O'Brien GAvA, Tobbit Publishing is Tim's opportunity to publish bespoke aviation art and history books. 

Tobbit delivers specialist topics in limited numbers, which have that little extra which makes a huge difference to you, the reader within this ever-changing book/media market.

BELOW: Tim O'Brien is seen in the front cockpit of the historic Tiger Moth G-ACDC at RAF Syerston in June 2011 whilst researching a painting. PHOTO: Lady Helen Nall.

What does Tobbit mean?

Curious? Many of you often ask why Tobbit?

At school, Tim O’Brien gained the obvious nickname of TOB, which combined with the lost book of words by Tobit, or Tobias in the Old Testament Apocrypha, written c.200 - 170 BC and you have ‘Tobbit’. Tim's close friends who are huge fans of J R R Tolkein also see this as a variation of Hobbit...hmm, what are they trying to say!!!

Artist, illustrator and designer

Tim has also forged strong partnerships with other publishers to provide innovative solutions for book jacket and magazine article illustrations using his wealth of aviation historical knowledge and creative flair.

Let Tim's artwork speak for itself at www.timobrienart.co.uk